The Path to Power

Chapter Eighty Four







Everything moved quickly after Bobbie’s phone call to AJ and Lydia. Michael is familiar with their household now since he’d stayed there while his mother was kidnapped and made sure that Leticia is comfortable in the nearby guestroom.

It gives AJ and Lydia time to talk down in the study. “I can’t believe he shot her.” AJ is still kind of shocky over the whole thing. “Who are you calling?”

“Dara. Michael is not going back to that penthouse. EVER! That thug is a menace. An idiot. Do you think we can get a restraining order so he can’t come around here?”

“I’m sure we could.” AJ shrugs. “But he’s a criminal, what good will it do?”

“Make it self defense when our guards shoot him!”

The floods must have blocked Dara in her office because she is actually the one who picks up the phone. “Dara Jensen.”

“Dara, yes, it’s Lydia Quartermaine. You’ll hear this on the news soon enough but evidently Sonny Corinthos shot Carly– while she was giving birth! She is in intensive care. The baby is in intensive care. Sonny has been arrested and is in jail....”

“Not for long.” Dara mutters.

“Yes, exactly! I don’t care what it costs. I don’t care who you have to bring in on this. Michael is never going to live under the same roof as that awful man ever again. I don’t care if Carly is living with him or not. It’s not going to happen. We’ll live in Europe first!”

“I did not just hear that.” Dara interrupts. “This just happened right?”


“Well then fine. Batten down the hatches. It’s pouring buckets out there. Nothing is going to happen tonight except me calling around to find out what I can find out: PCPD, GH and I’ll get Cass involved in this. Because of the heads up we’ll be able to hit the ground running in the morning. Michael is there?”

“Of course.”

“You may want to keep him out of school tomorrow. If Sonny’s released and if he tries to pick up Michael it will be there.”

“Yes, that seems reasoned.” Lydia takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry if you think I’ve overreacted but this is just so... disgusting.”

“Are you going to be up much later?”

“I have no idea. I don’t think I could sleep.”

“I’m going to make a few calls. With this storm, Lydia, I really don’t think there is going to be any police action until morning. They’re going to have their hands full dealing with the accidents. You’ve got guards. Use them.”

“That goes without saying, Ms. Jensen. I’ll look forward to your call.”

AJ takes a seat next to his wife. “What did Dara say?”

Lydia hears a noise near the door and turns to see who is there. Michael stands there his face is stark white only colored by his numerous freckles. “Is my Mom okay?” His voice is barely over a whisper.

“Come here, Darling.” Lydia urges him over. Michael sits between AJ and Lydia basically being hugged by both of them. “You heard my phone call?”

“I didn’t want to interrupt. You said my Mom is in the hospital.”

“Yes, Michael. Your mother had the baby tonight. They are both in the hospital. Grandmother Bobbie called to let us know. It’s why she was looking for your cell phone number. So she could call you.” AJ explains.

“I don’t care if you think I’m your evil step mother from now on. I have tried to be nice, to only say nice things but it’s not going on anymore. You are not going back to that man’s house– ever. I don’t care what the courts say, your mother, or even AJ. Sonny Corinthos has lost his mind. He cannot take care of himself let alone a child. He was bad enough when your mother was kidnapped but now this.”

“Lydia. We don’t have all the facts.” AJ tries to calm his wife.

“He shot her. That’s the only fact I need. Michael, you are staying with us until your Mother comes home from the hospital. And if she doesn’t move into her new house... if she moves back in with that... that thug. Then she can come visit you over at Grandma Bobbie’s house! There is a reason that man doesn’t have a dog. He couldn’t take care of one! If only he’d realized that before he started procreating. That poor baby!”

“Grandma Bobbie said Jason and Courtney are both at the hospital with your baby brother and Grandma Bobbie is going to stay with your Mother and call us if there are any changes.” AJ says reassuringly.

“You aren’t going to school tomorrow. We’ll email your teacher and get your homework. But we’ll be going to the hospital to see your Mother and brother. Even if it’s not a school night for you, you do need to get to bed, Michael. We have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“I’m sure Sonny didn’t mean to, Lydia; it was probably an accident.” Michael tries to reassure his step mother. He’s never seen her this upset.

“It was a gun, Michael. There is no excuse for that kind of carelessness. I know Aunt Faith has many guns but she practices every week, as does everyone who works for her. Our guards practice every week as well. When was the last time Sonny Corinthos practiced so he would actually hit what he was aiming at? It’s negligence. Ignorant incompetent negligence.”

Michael looks at AJ.

“Look them up. She didn’t swear once. All the words are in the dictionary. Lydia’s right; we’ve got a lot of things to get done tomorrow. Go ahead and try to get some rest.” AJ gives Michael a kiss on the top of the head and a pat on the shoulder. “Tell Lydia goodnight.”

Michael stands up and comes around to Lydia he gives her a hug and a pat on the back too. “It’s okay, Lydia. You should rest so the baby doesn’t get upset too.”

“I know, Darling.” Lydia gives him a kiss a cheek. “And I promise AJ and I will be right up.”





The next morning, Lydia fakes a craving to get AJ, Michael and Rosie out of the house and waits in the kitchen with Sally for Leticia to come down. Sally has just poured some hot water over loose tea in a pot for it to steep properly and is returning the kettle to the stove when Leticia comes in the kitchen. Sally gives Leticia a pitying glance. Lydia is cool. It’s saner here than the mansion on the best day but she can guess what is coming next.

“I want to thank you for your help last night with Michael.” Lydia begins. “But your services will no longer be needed.”

“Excuse me?”

“Michael is too old for a nanny, and he never has one when he’s here. You work for Mrs. Corinthos. Since Mr. Corinthos shot her last night perhaps the best place to seek employment would be with Mr. Quartermaine’s brother Jason Morgan taking care of the new baby.”

“Mrs. Quartermaine, I can’t just leave Michael here.” Leticia protests.

“Oh yes, you can. This is his home with his father. This is where he’ll be staying from now on. Whether or not Carly has visitation with her son in the future is entirely dependent on whether or not she survives the bullet that your employer put in her brain! Sally, please help Leticia pack her things. The driver is waiting out front to take her back to the Harborview.” Lydia picks up her tea and leaves the kitchen for the study where hopefully she can block out the chaos by working on the Thanksgiving preparations.

“Time for me to look for some silver linings?” Sally offers hopefully.

“What could possibly be good about this situation?”

“I know you’ve been there for Michael whenever Carly or Sonny have taken turns losing their minds.” Sally holds up a hand at Leticia’s very loyal protest. “And I know you’ve been a constant in Michael’s life. This isn’t about you. It’s about the guy who signs your checks. But with everything that is going on with Miz Lila, Reggie is really going to need you. You guys postponed your wedding how many times? I know Lydia suggested talking to Jason. But maybe this is a good time to... get out?”

“I feel like Michael is my baby. I was there from almost the first day when Jason was taking care of him for Carly. This hurts so much.”

“I know. Really that’s another reason to get out. Seriously-- it’s about who signs your check, Leticia. If you were living at the mansion with Reggie you’d see Michael all the time. Especially if AJ and Lydia have their way. Lydia’s scared, Leticia. Hell I’m scared. After the kidnapping was when they brought in all the guards here. Now it’s not just kidnapping-- it’s someone inside the house... just let things calm down.”





They hadn’t let her in the operating room. Not with her daughter on the table. Whatever anyone said about Tony he was a professional. Watching the surgery from above, Bobbie watches as it goes like clockwork, not a misstep in the surgery. She’d sat with Carly in the recovery room monitoring every step, only coming out when Jason had stopped by to check on Carly. That’s how she knows Morgan is fine. Luckily Carly had picked the name knowing she was having a boy. Jason had been able to tell the nurses what Carly had wanted. And with Courtney not yet released from the hospital– baby Morgan had plenty of company.

“Hi Grandma.” Michael says from the doorway.

“Honey! Should you be here?”

“AJ brought me. We can’t stay long cause Rosie’s in the car though. How is Mama?”

“She had a really rough day yesterday. She’s still asleep.”

“I know Daddy shot her. I heard Lydia talking on the phone.”

“Honey, you shouldn’t listen to other people’s conversations.”

“Mama does.” Michael sighs and comes over to Bobbie. He wraps a skinny arm around her shoulders and pats her on the back. “It’ll be okay, Grandma. AJ says Mama is hard headed.”

Bobbie laughs at that. “Yes, well that’s true enough. I’m so glad you came. I needed to see you.”

AJ comes in and nods in Bobbie’s direction. He winces as he looks at his ex-wife. She might look like she’s sleeping but she looks like she’s sleeping after getting hit by a truck. Her head is either covered by bandages or bruises. There are wires, tubes and monitors surrounding her. He is really starting to regret bringing Michael. “Hi Bobbie. We stopped by to see if there is anything you need.”

“No, but thank you. Seeing Michael is the best pick me up a girl could get. Lucas has already been by with a change of clothes. And I know that Mike will handle taking care of Kelly’s for me. All I have to do is take care of my girl.” Bobbie takes Carly’s hand. “I know she looks like she’s been in a fight but I watched Tony do the surgery and everything went just fine. Have you been down to see your baby brother yet?”

“No, we wanted to see Mama first.” Michael looks at this mother. “Is the baby okay?”

“Oh yes, Morgan’s fine. They didn’t have to do surgery after all and Uncle Jason and Aunt Courtney have been keeping an eye on him for you and your Mama. Michael, sweetie, would you keep an eye on your Mama for me so I can talk to AJ out in the hall? If she starts to stir at all just come get me okay?”

“Sure, Grandma.” Michael takes Bobbie’s seat and takes his Mother’s hand.

Once out in the hall Bobbie shuts the door but checks the window in the door to see Michael. Then she turns around. “He heard Lydia say Sonny shot her?! What the hell was Lydia thinking?!”

“My wife is thinking that Michael is not going back to that house, to that man– EVER. If Carly is with Sonny then she won’t be seeing Michael either.”

“Carly would never....”

“Please, Bobbie. She would. This isn’t just classic Carly; it’s classic battered woman syndrome according to Dara. What doesn’t kill her makes their relationship stronger. And it’s a learned behavior. Michael will not be around it. Period. I hope you’ll respect our wishes on this because frankly... your daughter’s life depends on it. She might leave him if she might lose her kids if she doesn’t. But that is about the only thing that is going to impact her.” AJ’s phone rings. “I’ve been expecting this.” He answers the phone. “Yes? Thanks for the heads up.” He hangs up the phone. “Time for us to leave. Sonny is out of jail.” AJ goes over to the door and opens it up. “Come on, Michael. We’ve got a couple more stops to make. Need to see your baby brother and then get what Lydia wants too.”

“Okay.” Michael stands up and then hesitating gives his mother a kiss on the cheek. “Get well soon, Mama.” He comes out into the hall and gives his grandmother a hug too. Then taking AJ’s hand they head toward the elevators.





Dara is just leaving the courthouse when she runs into Taggart at the PCPD. “Hey Marcus.”

“What brings you out so early.”

“Requesting restraining orders. They should be hitting the sergeant's desk about now. You weren’t at the hospital last night?”

“No, I missed all the fun. I was stuck out helping traffic with a bridge being out. Mac is lead on the Corinthos/Alcazar shooting. All I heard was what was on the scanner. So who is getting the restraining order? Can’t be Corinthos wife. I heard she hasn’t woke up yet.”

“AJ for Michael. The judge didn’t make it a condition of Sonny’s release to have no contact with Carly?”

Taggart shakes his head. “No contact with Alcazar but didn’t say anything about Carly.”

“This town is crazy.”

“You’re telling me?! It was one of Sonny’s judges, the Alcazar condition was just for show.”

“Well I guess we should count our blessings.”

“And they are?”

“Less attention on Tasha.”

“That’s a good one. Knew I could count on you, Dara.” Taggart grins. “I’ll be on the lookout for that restraining order. I’ll serve it myself. Pin it right to his chest.”





“I really could care less about your plans, Faith.” Lydia paces the study. “This will be handled one way. Dara will get a restraining order. If Corinthos steps foot on AJ’s property then he will be shot.”

“It’s the simple plans that work.” Faith smirks. She shrugs. “And you could get away with it because you don’t have a history with Sonny. He’s out of jail now so we’ll see what he does.”

“Again, I don’t care what he does. Only that he will stay away from me and mine.”

“Good luck with that. Really all the best. So why am I here?”

Lydia gives her a sheepish look. “I need to borrow Bruno. He’s the first person who has really got it, about Thanksgiving I mean.”

Faith roars with laughter.

“It’s a huge undertaking, and it has to be perfect!” Lydia protests. “And all this going with floods and shootings, it’s all just too distracting. Bruno says he’s been checking up on Flynn’s for you so he knows all the wholesalers.”

“He knew all the wholesalers anyway.” Faith counters. “Which is why he is managing Flynn’s. Just like Manny is running the construction end. Just like Mouse....” Faith stops there. Because really it’s not any of Lydia’s business. “I’ll tell Bruno to give you a call.”

“Thank you.” Lydia says with a sigh.

“I don’t get you.” Faith shakes her head. “You’ve got more money than God and are probably running the Karinen empire from a laptop and you’re throwing a tizzy over a family dinner.”

“The empire runs itself thankfully. Like your empire it has good people at the helm; people my Grandfather picked. It’s just the trustees who were the problem and they’ve... changed their tone.”

Faith laughs again. “Oh I bet. So have you come up with a contingency plan?”

“For what?”

“When Sonny’s dumb wife comes out of recovery and moves back in with the prick?”

Lydia sits down behind her desk and using the much maligned laptop calls up one of the Karinen assets. She calls Faith over with a tilt of her head. Faith whistles when she sees the screen. “It’s a refit from one of the Karinen commercial fleet. Currently moored in very sunny international waters. On a full tank of fuel she’s got a 16,000 mile range. And yes, I’ve already checked to make sure that Helena is not on board.” Lydia flips through the pictures of the ship. “On the outside it looks like a commercial vessel, and on the inside...” click, click, click. “... all the comforts of home.”

Faith realizes that the yacht is nicer than the cottage and probably has more square feet. “Hell you could hold Thanksgiving on it.”

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